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/sethome - Basic command, sets your main home location.

/home - Brings you to your basic home location.

/sethome homeName - Create a home named homeName.

/home homeName - Brings you to the home location homeName.


/town new townName  Creates a town named townName.

/town bank deposit 100 - Deposits 100 credits into your town bank. Additional town claims are funded out of your town bank versus your personal balance, you will need to make sure your town bank has credits in order to claim additional chunks for your town.

/town claim - Claims a new chunk for your town.

/town select townName - Selects the town townName for commands. 


/spawn - Brings you to the server spawn point.

/random - Brings up the Random Teleport GUI

/rtp - Displays other Random Teleport Options

/tps - Displays Overall Server TPS (Current, 5Min, 15 Min)

/worlds - Displays all Worlds and their Average TPS


/bal - Displays your personal credit balance.

/pay playerName 100 - Pay a user named playerName an amount of 100 credits out of your personal balance.

/sell - Sells current in hand item to server market.

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