Automate all the Things!

After a lot of tinkering and wipes, I have finalized the server update.

Most recently to note, BedrockBGone has been removed and replaced with FlatBedrock.

(It did not accept the ore dictionary meta in order to create Infinity Dust)

MatterOverdrive pills have been added to Epic Loot Bags.

Android HUD overlays corrected to not overlap with InGameXML and Journeymap.

We have removed all world gen core mods, and are now using the vanilla generation engine. Removing this dramatically improves stability of the server in general, loot table, mod structures, and much more. The versions of OTG and Biomes O’ Plenty available for newer Minecraft versions are great, but are hit and miss depending on each separate mod in the pack. This is something we don’t care to maintain, but will check back on the development of these mods to see if it’s an option in the future at some point.

Tinkers Construct no longer has village structures and Matter Overdrive only spawns anomalies.

Draconic Evolution was removed, as its a little redundant and can cause severe server issues end game for players.

Mystical Agriculture + Additions has been added.

World Border now 2k Radius from Spawn.

No Cooldown on RTP.

No Cooldown on Home.

OptiFineHD No Longer Included.

As always, post issues, bugs or crashes to our Discord and we will try out best to help.