Yet again your friendly neighborhood troublemaker: securitycraft

  • so im really only posting this here because i feel bad for constantly spamming fanbus about it, but the SecurityCraft recipe for Reinforced glass (a item used in a lot of SC blocks) is missing. dunno why or how, but it somehow is.
    This is what the recipe should be:

    I’d be pretty great if you lads could fix it 🙂

    anyways that was the weekly SC ramble.
    thanks for the awesome pack!

  • Administrator

    No worries… This is probably best anyways, since Fan can only do so much. At some point he finalizes changes and then I push the update.

    I really love this mod. At fist, I had “LookingGlass” installed along with it and had the security camera’s enabled. It worked well, but not on our old host. So this aspect was removed.

    However, I am doing some testing tonight to re-add that, along with fix this missing recipe. I am not sure why it’s not there… but I will fix!

    Will advise.

  • Administrator

    They changed the “recipe” of the reinforced glass blocks so you no longer “craft” them in the crafting grid. You now use the Universal Block Reinforcer instead. Either break placed glass blocks with the Reinforcer to reinforce them, or right-click with the U.B.R. in your hand, and a GUI will appear in which you can insert blocks. Once you close the GUI, the blocks will be automatically reinforced and dropped.

    Quoted from their response to my issue on their GitHub.

  • wow i feel like a complete idiot right about now. Thanks for answering though, i would have never figured it out even though it’s literally called “universal block Reinforcer”

  • Don’t worry, I’ve also failed to figure out how to create such glass. I believe SecurityCraft lacks a proper wiki, or I haven’t been able to find it.

    Issue addressed, closing.

  • Administrator

    I think we can setup forum pre-fixes for “solved” etc. I will check on that.






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